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If we went back in time by 30 years and looked at the English learning tools available, we’d see a wealth of traditional textbook resources dotted rather than interactive and engaging language systems.
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But ever since the world of technology revolutionised the education sector, freedom to learn English has grown and online platforms now offer unlimited access to effective software and services.
So, here at Study International, we’ve listed the top 5 online tools that will shape you into a confident English communicator, highlighting their benefits to help you to choose the perfect one for you.
Let’s face it, learning a whole new language or refining your English skills can be frustrating at times. It takes time, commitment and a lot of patience.
That’s why the designers of Duolingo first put themselves in your shoes, developing a selection of interactive and visually-appealing games for you to test out your skills.
By providing a compelling and colourful user interface, Duolingo learners can select their language and current ability level with ease. After a few minutes on the app or by trialling it out on their website, you’ll gain access to a whole range of reading, speaking and writing activities that will help you progress.
Duolingo is free to use and tailors each programme around your specific preferences. It’s one of the most popular tools of our generation and continues to target the ever-growing online network of ambitious international students.
We’re honored to be on the @CNBC #Disruptor50 List for turning free education into a sustainable business. https://t.co/uCqmtV4FnV pic.twitter.com/kGdkjarGjn
— Duolingo (@duolingo) May 23, 2018

LearnEnglish (LE) is as simple as it sounds! Brought to you by the British Council, you can first test out your English level through an online exam.
Once you’ve figured out how much extra practice you’ll need, the LearnEnglish site will point you in the direction of the detailed course database. With free registration and a global online community to talk to, what’s not to love?
Even though this language platform promotes virtual learning, it also helps you find face-to-face courses around the world. From the comfort of their teaching centres, the LE team at the British Council will link you to global teaching experts.
Plus, with 75+ years’ experience of shaping students into fluent English communicators, it’s a trustworthy companion for your venture into language learning!
Learn how to use cause and effect language in this episode of #EverydayEnglish and pick up some environment-related vocabulary along the way. #LearnEnglishhttps://t.co/Xo1lD0JTTt
— Learn English (@learnenglish) May 28, 2018

These days, it’s tricky to find students who haven’t heard of Grammarly and its hypnotic editing powers.
Boasting the slogan, “Better writing, Better grades”, Grammarly allows you to work on your writing skills by automatically providing solutions to misspelt words and sentences that don’t make sense.
The danger of Grammarly is that it may become addictive. Once you start opting for alternative phrases and words, you’ll stop paying attention to your writing style and depend on the service for advice.
Yet, this may also work in your favour. Grammarly consistently points out your mistakes, so you’ll learn not to repeat them in future essays, projects and general life musings. With a smooth sign-up service and the ability to access it online at any time, it’s a handy tool to have!
(And we’ll always be here to help you write it.) #writeproud pic.twitter.com/CPgBJJyPyr
— Grammarly (@Grammarly) June 2, 2018

Acting as an AI English Language Chatbot, Langroo may become your next best study buddy!
This tool serves as a ‘native English friend’ that’s user-friendly and accessible. Conveniently located within Facebook Messenger, this ‘personality Roo’ gives you the lowdown on conversational English used across the UK and US.
“Whether you’re a beginner looking for survival phrases or an advanced learner looking for ‘hipster slang’, Langroo introduces you to real life English,”  Langroo Founder, Tadhg Giles told Study International.
Built on a foundation of frustration, Langroo aims to defeat language barriers and mistranslations by being your go-to chatbot. Teaching you the local lingo via instant messenger, there’s no limit on how much you can communicate with Roo.
With two accents – American and English – on offer, you can switch between the two and establish a thorough understanding of the differences. Plus, with 24/7 availability, this tool grants you a leading advantage in the job market.
“The English app for those who hate English apps!” – 2018
For those looking to improve English for their careers …
“Roo” is your personalized English native teacher on Facebook Messenger
Message the most popular language learning app of 2018! https://t.co/jH0XouS5A8 pic.twitter.com/4NDg0ep8cd
— Langroo (@Langroobot) May 15, 2018

Focused on skills that will advance your career and courses that are relevant to today’s thriving industries, FutureLearn is an online course catalogue you can browse for free.
If you want to practice English or even learn about the theories of language development, this is the ideal site for you. With very clear instructions and details on each of the schemes, you can fit FutureLearn around your busy schedule.
What’s interesting about this platform is that it introduces you to a variety of concepts that other online resources might leave out, including aspects like cultural diversity, applied linguistics, the inequalities of language and more.
The FL site allows you to search for any topic and start date that you want – all you have to do is visit the website to begin developing your skills!
Whether you want to improve your communication skills, think more creatively or learn how to lead at work, you’ll find a soft skills course to help you get ahead at work now: https://t.co/5nsYIWf1UC pic.twitter.com/hKMK1PK2Bq
— FutureLearn (@FutureLearn) June 6, 2018

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