Chittorgarh fort : A unique artist made the entire Chittorgarh fort out of clay

Chittorgarh fort A unique artist made the entire Chittorgarh fort out of clay

chittorgarh fort clay art

Chittorgarh fort People don’t know what heights they aspire to touch in the world of dreams, but Rahul Mali of a small village is living a different dream,…………… The job is to make artifacts of the fort from soil and cow dung.

It may seem like a simple thing to see and hear, but Rahul remains lost in his own dream. After 92 hours of hard work, he built a huge Chittorgarh fort, in which the original fort was built by thousands of people. It was built by laborers and artisans after working hard for hundreds of years. On asking Rahul, he tells that he likes it all. Last days his news was published in Dainik Bhaskar’s Sunday Positive News

It is said that if an artist does not know how to live his dreams with any of his art, then one day that art automatically comes among the people, the same happened with Rahul, he did not know what he was doing. And what is the meaning of his art, but it is said that if there is strength in your will power, then it will keep coming out. Rahul is currently a first year graduate student, if he had not had the dedication towards art, he would not have been making clay artefacts at the age of 20.

chittorgarh fort clay

Mahal Fateh Prakash j

Jal kund

Rahul’s dream is that children should be introduced to the tangible form of art by considering the artifacts made of this clay as a part of art. Generally, when the teaching-learning process in schools is teacher-centered, then it becomes monotonous. It seems Children start working according to the instructions of the teacher whether he wants to do it or not. There is a need to do something similar in the primary schools so that the children get interested in the school and they can work with pleasure

chittorgarh art
fun environment

In art education with integrated teaching techniques, children have complete freedom of expression. For this, it is necessary that a joyful environment should be created, and this is possible only when the child starts considering school as his favorite place. For this, it is necessary that the child can independently ensure his participation in all the activities of the school. Children should be prepared for innovative art activities like song music, short drama, etc. in a prayer session. involving many activities, many others। Chittorgarh fort…..

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