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India and the US need to invest in young people who are the future, Jill Biden said at an event.
US First Lady Jill Biden, on Wednesday, said that education is the cornerstone of the bond between India and the United States.
First Lady Jill Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the National Science Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia, and attended the ‘Skilling for Future’ event where she said, “Education is the cornerstone of the bond between India and the United States. Students from both countries are learning and growing alongside each other, discovering the people that they want to become and building a better world together. Working side by side, our nations can create a safer, healthier, more prosperous future for everyone.”
She also stated that to make the economies of both nations strong, India and the US need to invest in young people who are the future. She highlighted the importance of providing young people with the opportunities they deserve.

“We are bringing together our entire administration, including agencies like NSF to partner with employers, unions, schools and local governments so we can ensure that students have what they need to pursue these careers. That’s the Biden education pathway. It starts with free, high-quality, universal free school and creates a high school experience that prepares students for their next steps,” the First Lady of the US said.
“After years of strengthening ties, the US-India partnership is deep and expensive as we jointly tackle the global challenges…You work to ensure that all Indians, especially girls have the opportunity to pursue education and gain the skills they need for a modern workforce. It is exciting to be able to show you some of the innovative programs our schools and businesses are creating for the students here,” she added.
Earlier, addressing the event, PM Modi said that India and the United States partnership will serve as the driving engine behind sustainable and inclusive global growth.
“To maintain growth momentum, India and the US need a pipeline of talent. On the one hand, the US has top-class educational institutions and advanced technologies. On the other hand, India has the world’s biggest youth factory. That is why, I believe that the India-US partnership will prove to be the engine of sustainable and inclusive global growth,” he added.
Earlier on Wednesday, PM Modi arrived in Washington DC and received a ceremonial welcome as well as a Guard of Honour at the airbase. PM Modi will, later on, attend the state dinner to which he was invited by US President Joe Biden and the first lady.
After concluding the event, Jill Biden, in Washington DC, gave details on the State dinner that will be hosted for PM Modi at the White House by her and President Joe Biden.
She said that tomorrow night, guests will walk across the South Lawn into a pavilion draped in rich greens with saffron-coloured flowers at every table, the colours of the Indian flag.

Meanwhile, guest Chef Nina Curtis gave details on the State Dinner and said, “We are very excited that India is leading efforts to celebrate the international year of millet. We have incorporated marinated millets into our menu.”
(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)
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