Many Indian Students Facing Turmoil In USA.. – Greatandhra

The total number of Indian restaurants in America is approximately 8500. Among the staff, particularly waiters, are mainly students from India who have gone to America to pursue higher studies. 
In the city of Dallas, every Indian restaurant employs Indian students. However, this practice contradicts the laws of the country.
Adding to that, the wages they receive are minimal, with labor laws not being applicable and no provision for minimum wages.
Many Indian students are willing to accept jobs for as low as five dollars an hour, and there's no insurance coverage in case of accidents.
Given all these challenges, as they feel that it is even a necessary to complete studies, secure a high-paying job, and settle down there, the Indian students are struggling a lot. 
The quality of university education attended by the majority of students is subpar, leading many to prioritize work over education.
We've heard stories of those struggling in the Gulf being exploited by sheikhs and enduring hardships, and in a similar vein, middle-class young men and women who are educated here are being exploited by those who have settled there.
However, there are some compassionate souls who offer assistance, though their numbers are few.
The situation is so bad that the American dreams are day by day ending up as nightmares for many.
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