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A woman with HIV is found to have inflammation and a large, deep ulceration of the distal esophagus. Can you determine the cause?
Prep with help from Kaplan Medical. Patient has weakness and nausea after taking antimalarial pills. What is the likely deficiency as a result of the diagnosis?
Prep with help from Kaplan Medical. A 17-year-old complains of severe chest pain and a cardiac exam reveals a leathery rub on systole and diastole.
Prep with help from Kaplan Medical. A woman with a history of bipolar disorder type I presents with fatigue, forgetfulness and poor concentration.
Informal AMA survey underscores ongoing, devastating impact of the Change Healthcare cyberattack on physician practices and more in the latest Advocacy Update spotlight.
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This two-day boot camp Sept. 23-24, 2024, is designed for clinical and operational change agents looking to eliminate unnecessary work and free up more time to focus on what matters most–patient care.
Observerships are designed to help international medical graduates (IMGs) adapt to the practice of medicine in the United States. Review the list of observerships that have registered with the AMA.
The AMA Research Challenge is the largest national, multi-specialty medical research conference for medical students and residents to showcase and present research. 
You will work in the clinical settings of the UC San Diego Healthcare System. The experience will vary slightly from discipline to discipline but may include inpatient and outpatient settings as well as didactic lectures, journal clubs and clinical teaching sessions.
Minimum of 2 months; maximum of 6 months.
UC San Diego attending physicians serve as our faculty mentors (preceptors). UCSD HSI assigns you to a mentor as part of your application based on specialty and mentor availability by department.
As an ACE program scholar, you will:
Graduating medical students and recent medical graduates will need to provide a CV, personal statement and a copy of their medical school transcript. Review the application for details on additional mandatory documentation, including required vaccinations. Step 1 preferred but not required for application.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted (including applications with limited or no written personal statement). In the application, submit the personal statement in the text field labeled, “Please describe the anticipated benefits of the ACE Program in helping you achieve your career goals.” 
Priority rotations will be given to applicants applying for two or more consecutive months of training.
Visit the website, email​​​​​​ [email protected] (preferred) or call (858) 534-6204 to reach program managers Melanie Crane or Johanne Gnagne. 
Established in 2007, ACMedical offers six transformative U.S. residency re-entry services for U.S. and international pre-meds, MDs, DOs and institutions. 
Every day, 20,000 patients are treated by 1,500 successfully matched ACMedical alumni. ACMedical is led by Dr. Pedram Mizani, a family physician and the former chief of Morehouse Family Medicine Residency Program.
Minimum 4 weeks; maximum 48 weeks. Start in as little as two weeks.
Program directors (PDs), associate PDs, residency program faculty, teaching attending physicians and residents.
ACMedical, in partnerships with various Graduate Medical Education (GME) departments and program directors, is proud to offer rare opportunities for its members to enroll in Postgraduate Subinternships (PGSIs), inpatient or outpatient auditions in over 30 specialties, in hopes of being offered a residency interview and matching with their program.
Although exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, ACMedical members who “matched” into an audition site or a PGSI hospital’s residency program, have:
Visit ACMedical for more details and to chat with an ACMedical enrollment consultant, or call 949-417-8980 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Central (except federal holidays).
Supporting you today as a medical student. Protecting your future as a physician.
Four weeks and may last longer depending on students/graduates performance
Gutteridge Jean-Charles, MD, is a U.S. licensed physician who specializes in internal medicine in Orlando, Florida and is affiliated with Advent Health Hospital. He began his practice in an underprivileged neighborhood and continues to serve a large multi-lingual population of English, Spanish, Portuguese and Creole patients.
At JC Medical Center, students are trained to deal with an array of medical conditions and situations. We ensure that our students are well equipped with all the tools that are essential for their evolution into great physicians. JC medical Center provides a variety of opportunities to students to flourish in multiple dimensions. JCMI rotation includes:
Performance based opportunities by JCMI clinical experience includes:
International Medical Students/Graduates must submit a copy of the following documents:
Apply on our website and send all the required documents with complete rotation application to [email protected] or [email protected]. All applications are evaluated by the selection committee and applicants will receive an e-mail on selection of their application.
Website: Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Phone number: 689-345-4344 Point of contact: Kamelia Rezagui (program coordinator)
The American Medical International Quality Training (AMIQT) is specifically designed for international medical graduates (IMGS) and students to be able to function within the United States health system by observing the delivery of care first-hand. The AMIQT Observership Program is not intended to fill gaps in clinical knowledge or training; it is meant to familiarize and acculturate an IMG to the practice of medicine in a U.S. clinical setting. This a great introduction to U.S. medicine before IMGs successfully match into a hospital-based residency program.
We have more than five years of experience and enjoy teaching/training doctors. Our trainees have come from all over the world and have gone on to do their internships and residencies in the U.S.
We currently offer rotations in neurology, internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, psychiatry, ophthalmology and nephrology. If you are interested in other specialties, let us know and we will try to accommodate you. 
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This is a month long U.S. clinical observerships and externships in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.
Visit to learn more about our program. If you have additional questions, email [email protected] or call (202) 728-0099.
AMOpportunities offers three pathways for international medical students and graduates: hospital core and elective rotations, AMO four-week rotations and university observerships.
AMOpportunities’ preceptors include chief physicians, professors, department heads, attending physicians and residency program directors. These preceptors provide letters of recommendation to visitors based on merit, which can be the deciding factor in a residency Match application.
Visitor Experience Coaches
Immediately upon reserving, visitors are assigned an AMO Visitor Experience Coach who works with them one on one from start to finish, assisting with everything, from finding housing to answering questions about what to wear on the first day. While a trainee is in the country, a coach is on call for any issues or questions that can arise. These coaches also host a pre-departure orientation to make sure you’re prepared on your first day.
AMO Advisors help visitors select and reserve a clinical experience that fits their needs. Advisors will ask you about your professional goals and recommend program choices that will help you develop your skills and CV to reach these goals.
AMOpportunities is the only company that contracts directly with ACGME teaching site hospitals. Direct relationships with teaching hospitals allow IMGs to receive credit at their home schools and letters of recommendation from hospital directors, which can be the deciding factor in a residency match application.
AMOpportunities connects health care trainees around the globe to U.S. clinical experiences at teaching hospitals. The platform pairs a centralized application system for on-demand clinical experience with services such as visa and housing support. An experience coach guides each trainee from application to completion.
AMOpportunities has hosted more than 2,700 international medical students and graduates in 200-plus clinical sites across the country. AMOpportunities grows every year, forming partnerships with academic institutions globally and connecting them to our partnered hospitals
AMOpportunities offers these pathways:
AMOpportunities requires:
Note: Many hospital applications require a minimum of 60 days to process and complete your enrollment. If you are looking for inpatient experience, applying a minimum of two months in advance is recommended. Application deadlines vary by program.
For questions, please contact an AMO advisor by email at [email protected], call us at (312) 821-9020, ext. 2, or WhatsApp at +13123585101.
To apply and reserve your rotation, please go to Our blog can also provide you with information.
Bridgeport Family Medicine offers real hands-on experience in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and urgent care medicine. The program is structured as a “mini residency program” to prepare IMGs for the U.S. medical system by using state of the art EMR/HER systems.
Four-twelve weeks, extern may start any Monday of the week
The extern interviews the patient, performs the physical exam along with attending physician and discusses differential diagnoses, management options, labs, imaging and forms a management plan. In addition, the extern will:
For more details, visit or email: [email protected].
Contact Bridgeport Family Medicine at (203) 923-2204 or [email protected].
Review the full toolkit for information on visas, finding a residency, mentorships and more.
Four-, eight- and 12-week programs available for medical students and graduates. Available at multiple locations, including New York, California, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and Utah. The start day is Monday.
All physicians who provide clinical rotations are board certified and affiliated with hospitals with residency programs. Students rotate under the complete supervision and guidance of their respective attendings. Most of our attendings also serve as mentors to deserving students, assisting them in their USMLE preparation.
Our program offers comprehensive guidance to international medical graduates and students interested in becoming physicians in the U.S.
The application and all required documents are available on
We require the following documents:
Visit or contact Ratesh Khillan, MD, at [email protected] or (917) 476-9325. 
Chicago Clerkships will assist you in securing U.S. clinical experience that best aligns with your career goals.
Clinical rotations are four-weeks.
Rotations for medical schools are individually arranged according to the school’s requirements.
All rotations include:
Unique opportunities with Chicago Clerkships include:
If you are looking for online lectures, teaching tutorials, case presentations, practice exams and interviews, check out our partner IMG Village.
For more information, contact Chicago Clerkships by email via the website or call (312) 985-6354.
Clinical Rotation’s intelligent marketplace platform allows for complete customization of observership duration to best suit the busy schedules of health care learners and medical graduates.
Clinical Rotation brings together the most recognized health care leaders, attending physicians, clinical professors and residency program directors from across the globe on our USPTO trademarked platform for seamless booking of high-quality observerships and clinical rotations.
Established by health care professionals and leaders in medical education, Clinical Rotation offers individual and institutional-level options for the highest-quality clinical placements in observership programs and official, hands-on, Green Book clinical rotations globally. Our partners include some of the most elite names in health care from New York to London to Sao Paulo.
Clinical Rotation’s mission is to connect the world’s community of health care learners, graduates and professionals to recognized experts in clinical education and:
Eligible health care learners include:
Our Clinical Rotation marketplace platform cuts red-tape involved in securing observership and rotation placements. Our learners/institutions reserve their desired experience and we collect information and site-specific documents. If we don’t have a particular clinical experience available, we find it. We assist provisional, new and established domestic and international health care training programs and institutions arrange their curriculum map.
For inquiries, please contact our Clinical Rotation team by email at [email protected]. To search our listings and reserve your clinical experience today, visit us at
Four-week rotations; repeatable once. The course starts on the first Monday of every month and is first come, first serve. The application process takes four to six weeks.
For more details on the program, email us at [email protected] or call (267) 359-2759.
All rotations are in weekly increments with the duration selected by the learner.
Our first-class preceptors hail from various specializations and sub-specialties across the country. They practice in wide-ranging clinical settings and work with both familiar and niche patient populations. The curriculum varies at each in-person practice, virtual rotation (tele-rotation) or research site, which can accommodate the students’ or graduates’ specific needs.
Many IMSs/IMGs are in great need of clinical experience and research opportunities. They are often limited to wasteful cold-calling tactics or expensive placement alternatives. These can be riddled with delays, opaque practices and other unwanted outcomes.
FindARotation (FAR) is an open and transparent platform that provides support while giving the learners and preceptors complete control of the educational experience and outcomes. Learners can search the database freely and find a rotation that fits their desired specialty, location and price range. Our YouTube channel and blog provide more details and platform demos.
Depending on the clinical experience (observership, externship, research), required documentation will be stated within each listing. Shadowing/observerships often require little to no documentation (site-specific), while hospital rotations will require several forms of verification, vaccination records and other documents to assure patient safety.
Registration is free and as simple as registering for an event online. Students may search all currently available rotations and experiences (full clinical sites may not be displayed). Students can select the duration and upload all required documentation. Applications are then sent to the preceptor or clinical site for acceptance, rejection or modification. If there are any concerns or alterations required, the preceptor will reach out via in-app chat. 
Four weeks
Foreign medical student graduates must be:
The following are required to be submitted to the committee for consideration of participation in the program:
Observership program at Griffin Hospital application (PDF)
Visit Griffin Medical’s website for more details and to apply, or contact the Griffin Hospital Department of Medical Education at (203) 732-7327.
Allegheny General and West Penn hospitals host observers from around the world. This program was designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical students, physiotherapists, technologists, technicians and health administrators.
Four weeks
The observership is a specific exchange program in which the observer accompanies the medical staff through their daily hospital routine, sharing experiences with doctors, residents, staff and students. This program is not for academic credit.
For inquiries about international educational opportunities available through Allegheny General, call International Services (412) 359-5269 or email [email protected].
It is the policy of the Public Health Trust to accept physicians or resident physicians desiring to participate as an observer/rotator at Jackson Health System facilities. All requests for observer/rotators must be reviewed and approved by Risk Management.
Observerships may last up to four weeks (one month), longer with written approval by the department.
The individual desiring to participate must provide the Office of Physician Services all required documentation as set forth in this policy in order to be considered for a rotation or observership. Jackson Health System will not provide professional liability coverage for any resident for an outside institution. If the home institution will not provide the coverage, then they will be classified as observer status only. An observer is a health care professional or student who will not provide patient care or have direct patient contact. Observers differ from students in an academic program in that the observership is not an educational requirement of any academic program (see administrative policy 389 for students).
Observer may be one of the following:
Observerships may be in an inpatient or outpatient setting and must be approved by the Jackson Health System facility’s department(s) director(s) of the area being observed. For physicians, approval is needed from the associate/chief medical officer. For residents, approval is needed from the GME office. For nurses, approval is needed from the director of patient care services and/or the chief nursing officer. For all other students, approval is needed from the associate/chief medical officer.
Graduate Medical Education Office Jackson Memorial Hospital Institute 118B 1611 NW 12th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33136; Phone: (305) 585-4310; Fax: (305) 585-4309
For more information on visiting medical students, please visit the information page.
MD2B Connect was co-founded by Samir Desai, MD, author of the book, The Successful Match. The goal of our rotation program is to link international medical graduates/students with dedicated physicians who are committed to providing excellent patient care and mentoring the next generation of physicians. Every one of our physician partners has been carefully chosen by Dr. Desai with two goals in mind: to provide an exceptional clinical experience and to help you maximize your chances of a successful residency match.
Four-week rotation with fully inpatient, audition, combined outpatient/inpatient, and fully outpatient options. There is an option to extend duration in four-week increments if interested. 
Many of our physicians are either faculty members at U.S. medical schools or active teaching staff at residency programs throughout the country. Letters of recommendation written by such physicians carry more weight in the residency selection process. Rotations are offered in 29 specialties including internal medicine (and its subspecialties), family medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, pathology, anesthesiology, as well as other specialties. 
Rotators in our program benefit from:
Tremendous effort has been expended to provide you with an optimal experience. Dr. Desai knows how important this rotation is to your future, and he is passionate about helping you reach your professional goals in medicine.
Check out our program page for rotation opportunities, pricing and other details. For additional information or questions, email us at [email protected] or call (248) 697-2045.
Contact MD2B Connect: Samir Desai, MD at (248) 595-2638 or [email protected].
Hands-on externship/observership in outpatient family medicine in Michigan for FMG, international medical graduates, Caribbean medical students and Caribbean graduates.
Minimum 4 weeks; maximum 12 weeks
Neil Jaddou, MD, MS, board-certified in family medicine, clinical assistant professor of family medicine and community health, Wayne State School of Medicine and Oakland Beaumont Medical School. Staff at four hospitals and affiliated with St. John Oakland-Macomb medical students teaching program.
Visit our website for details on price and application. Email us at: [email protected] or call (586) 722-7240 if you have any questions.
Two weeks or four weeks in duration.
Program director, program faculty, teaching attending physicians and residents.
Graduate of international school approved on WHO Directory of Medical Schools list. Must produce CV and USMLE score report. Any other documentation per site hospital requirements. 
Email [email protected] to request an application.
Visit our website for further details on the program. Email Kandice Collins at:[email protected] or call (334) 874-3463 if you have any questions. is a one-stop solution for health care professionals. Our network holds the top-tiered talent from around the globe; while providing you accessibility, streamlined solutions, speedy processes all on one platform.
Clinical rotations from 2-12 weeks depending on the request of the student. We offer services for IMG & FMG students.
We have hundreds of preceptors across the nation with rotations available to be filled in various specialties.
Medical technology platform built for international medical students and health care professionals to have instant access to clinical training. We partner with training hospitals, clinics and doctors with experience training IMG students. Our technology allows students to apply for rotations of their choice and get approved. We have medical students, universities, training hospitals and preceptors on one network matching IMG and FMG students directly.
Join free to network and fill out the application to receive acceptance into the program.
Contact Waqar Khan by email [email protected] or call (224) 698-7113 if you have any questions.
We offer hands-on rotations and telerotations, through various locations and specialties. These are typically 4-12 weeks in length.
USMLESarthi prides itself on providing the necessary tools and guidance for IMGs to find success in their residency journey. We help our students prepare for residency match through reviewing their applications, interview preparation and mentorship. Our goal is to help connect students directly with the physician teams and, in doing so, help reduce the cost. Our role is to facilitate the interaction between you and the physician. That helps us keep the cost low for you.
We need your start date and duration preference. Then we check availability with the physician. Next, we connect you with the physician to finish the rest of the process and start your rotation.
For questions, please email [email protected] or call 1-833-872-7844 (U.S.) or Whatsapp/call +91-6281860164. To apply for rotations, please go to
Observerships are offered in multiple specialties. It ranges in duration from three weeks to a maximum of three months, during which participants will have the opportunity to observe wide range of experiences, from patient care, mastering high-yield points on the USMLE exams and earning a letter of recommendation for future residency applications.
Abdelrahman Abdelaziz, MD, psychiatrist
Other specialties: Internal medicine, pediatrics and cardiology
Observers will learn about the U.S. medical system particularly neuropsychiatric treatment modalities. We also help prepare students for the USMLE and residency. 
Passing of USMLE Steps I and II.
Visit the website for further information.
For questions, please contact Dr. Abdelaziz by email at [email protected] or by phone at (216) 293-0282.
The AMA promotes the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.
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