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From Armani to Versace and Ralph Lauren, luxury brands accounted for over $300 billion in 2021 alone, by some estimates – and that’s not even including the luxury auto market. With surging demand from the emerging middle classes in countries like India and China, the industry is poised for more growth. Even with the global covid pandemic, the appetite for luxury products remains large, and is growing.
Although some schools offer specialized MBA programs in Luxury Management, others offer more general programs in related fields like Fashion or Retail. These programs cover a variety of topics, from marketing to customer relationships, and even finance. The best MBAs in Luxury Brand Management also may arrange internships for students who want to get some practical experience in the field. Many Luxury MBA grads find that experience in the sector—even if it's just an internship—can be a huge leg up when applying for post-MBA jobs. 
Along those lines, an MBA in Luxury Brand Management can lead to a variety of jobs in this sector, including roles like marketing managers, business development consultants, and brand managers. Some international students are able to leverage their Luxury MBAs—often offered by European business schools—in emerging luxury markets around the world, such as in parts of Asia or Latin America. 
However, many students interested in breaking into the luxury sector also gravitate to hubs like Paris or Milan, where many of the top firms are based; others go to New York City or London to be in the heart of the action. Being near to luxury firms can help with networking opportunities.
See a list of the Top 10 MBAs for Luxury below.
From Madison Avenue to the Waldorf Hotel, New York City radiates luxury. Stern taps into this by offering a career path in “Luxury and Retail” and a specialization in Luxury Market. Stern MBA graduates have been employed by high-end companies like Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, and Coach. The school offers a one-year MBA in Fashion and Luxury, which includes project components that give students real-world experience in the industry.
ESSEC offers a specialized MBA in International Luxury Brand Management, where students can focus on specific sectors, such as wine and spirits or fragrances and cosmetics. A two-month long field project provides direct experience with a luxury company.
London has always been a good place for those interested in the luxury industry, and LBS has nurtured interest in the industry through a variety of means, including special scholarships. In partnership with the Walpole organization, the school also hosts the “Luxury Leaders of Tomorrow,” which helps luxury-minded students aim for jobs in the industry. 
Home to high-end labels like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, the City of Lights is a primary destination for those interested in luxury. With this in mind, HEC Paris offers MBA students the opportunity to pursue a certificate in luxury strategy. There’s also a Luxury Club, where students can make connections with the industry.
Together with the New York-based New School, Columbia offers a semester-long master class in “Design and Marketing of Luxury Goods,” where students learn about developing marketing strategies for luxury brands. Students can also make connections with the local luxury brands through Columbia’s Retail and Luxury Goods Club.
Home to brands like Lamborghini and Maserati, Bologna is a good place to be if you’re interested in high-end, fast machines. But Bologna Business School’s MBA concentration in Design, Fashion, an Luxury Goods covers more than just cars: students learn about marketing clothing, watches, and boats as well.
Luxury brand management is big at INSEAD – there's a Consumer and Luxury Goods student club, which coordinates speakers and activities; brands like L'Oréal and Louis Vuitton regularly recruit grads. The school co-hosts on a Luxury Forum in Paris each year.
This school has partnered with GUCCI, LVMH and Valentino to offer an MBA concentration in Luxury Brand Management. Students in this track get hands-on experience in the field, with an in-company project at a luxury firm. The school’s Milan location puts it in the heart of one of the world’s luxury centers.
The school's MBA program offers a luxury specialization that covers industry topics like e-commerce and consumer behavior. Meanwhile, the school also offers a specialized 16-month Master in Luxury Goods and Services program, which covers topics in marketing, consumer behavior, trends in digital, as well as how these topics relate to luxury brand management.
Although the French school doesn’t offer an MBA in luxury management, it made international waves several years ago when it started offering its tried-and-true MSc in Luxury and Fashion Management on its campus in China, to help students tap into the growing demand for luxury talent in that country.
May 26, 2020
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