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The UK is still one of the world’s greatest countries. Its incredible quality of life and multicultural cities make it one of the most attractive destinations for professionals seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Despite the upheaval of Brexit, it retains a strong economic position due to its established institutions and deep involvement in global trade. The best cities in the UK for immigrants to settle down include London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, and Reading.
Below is the UK Visa types you can choose while migrating to the country. 
Reforms have been instituted that simplify the transition from Student visas to work visas within the country and facilitate students to bring dependents.
Effective 7 August 2023, the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) has broadened, incorporating several occupations within the construction sector. This expansion includes:
Doctors in specialty training will receive immigration permissions that extend four months beyond the expiration of their Certificate of Sponsorship. This allows them ample opportunity to secure further immigration permissions under a licensed sponsor as a General Practitioner (GP).
Additionally, measures have been implemented to automatically extend pre-settled status, eliminating the requirement for a valid application.  
Minimum wages required 
Apply for the most in-demand jobs in the UK. The table below lists the Top In-demand occupations in the UK, along with the average salaries. 
IT & Software
£55,000 – £85,000
Marketing & Sales
£53,000 – £70,778
£50,000 -69,000
£48,000 – £65,000
Accounting & Finance
£65,000 – £84,000
Human Resources
£55,000 – £75,000
£50,000 – £65,000
Professional and Scientific Services
£63,000 – £95,100
The United Kingdom comprises of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Being one of the world’s most sought-after migration destinations, the UK offers various options for individuals seeking to settle down. Typically, individuals must move to the UK temporarily and then apply for an ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain). Some of the ways to move to the UK include:
To migrate to the UK, candidates must have a good IELTS score and meet all professional, legal, and financial criteria. These criteria depend on your chosen migration path. Y-Axis helps individuals identify the correct immigration route and assists them at every step of their migration journey. Our two decades of immigration experience make us your best option to increase your chances of settling in the UK. 
The applicant will receive 50 points if they have a work offer in the United Kingdom and can communicate in English. Any of the following qualifications can be used to earn the additional 20 points needed to qualify for the visa:
      Maximum points
Job offer
20 points
Job at appropriate skill level
20 points
English speaking skills
10 points
Salary of 26,000 and above or a relevant Ph.D. in a STEM subject
10 + 10 = 20 points
70 points
*Check the UK eligibility points calculator to see if you qualify for a visa to migrate to the UK. 
Step 1: Check your eligibility.
Step 2: Arrange all the requirements.
Step 3: Apply for the visa.
Step 4: Receive a decision from the Home Office.
Step 5: Fly to the UK.
The processing fee for the UK Visa differs depending on the type of visa and application. Below table gives clear information about the UK Visa Fee of each actegory
The processing times for the UK Visa generally takes 3 weeks to 8 weeks, based on the type of visa and application. 
Y-Axis will ease your UK Immigration process! 
The UK is the best place for immigrants to work and settle. With deep knowledge of UK immigration and work policies, Y-Axis offers you superior guidance and counsel on all necessary procedures and requirements to increase your chances of working and migrating to the UK.
Our impeccable job search services include:
Latest UK immigration updates: Follow Y-Axis UK immigration news updates to get the latest information about UK jobs, immigration, new policies, etc. 
April 15, 2024
How much will it cost for you to move to the UK in 2024?
The UK government announced increments in the salary requirements for various types of UK visas. Individuals willing to work in the UK under the points-based system must have a job offer with a minimum salary of £38,700. 
Read More…
March 11, 2024
Now get your UK Skilled Worker Visa renewed for 10 years from April 2024.
The UK Home Office has announced the changes for businesses to hire skilled foreign workers. The requirement to renew visas every four years will be abolished to reduce administrative burden and costs for employers. UK Skilled Worker Visas, expiring on or after April 6, 2024, will be automatically renewed for ten years.
Read more….
March 8, 2024
With 120,000 Study Visas to UK, Indians rank No.1
A total of 601,000 sponsored study visas were issued in 2023. The latest data from the UK’s Home Office reveals the number of study visas issued 2023. India remained in the top position in the issuance of study visas. The data reveals that 601,000 sponsored study visas were issued in 2023.
Read more…
March 6, 2024
The UK granted 337,240 work visas to health and care workers in 2023.
The number of work visas given to foreign workers has almost doubled in 2023. The net migration in the UK hit a record of 745,000 in 2022. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has committed to bring down immigration as it has become a major concern. 146,477 visas in the care sector were for workers in residential care homes and those caring in people’s houses.
Read more…
February 22, 2024
260,000 pounds worth of Great scholarships released by the UK universities
UK has announced the GREAT Scholarships 2024 program for Indian students. 25 UK universities are offering scholarships worth 260,000 pounds. The areas of study include subjects such as Finance, Business, Marketing, Design, Psychology, Humanities, Dance, and more.
February 7, 2024
6 Million Immigrants to Settle in the UK by 2036 – National Statistics
The UK’s population is expected to increase from 67 million to 73.7 million by 2036, operated almost completely by migration, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated Tuesday. Migration has become a supreme government issue in Britain. The annual net migration to the UK in 2022 recorded 745,000.
January 12, 2024
Berlin removes entry fee for 60 museums on first Sunday for tourists
Berlin government announces admission-free scheme to visit 60 popular museums for tourists and residents in Berlin. This scheme was originally announced in 2019, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The flexibility of this scheme encourages people to plan the visit and explore culture.
January 11, 2024
500,000 Nurses Needed in Germany by 2030. Apply via the Triple Win Programme
Germany established the Triple Win Programme to fill the shortage of skilled nursing staff. There is a high demand for nursing staff from India as there are not enough qualified nurses in Germany. This program offers language and technical training to nurses in India. Around 500,000 nurses are needed in Germany by 2030.
January 6, 2024
Portugal to pay 1.4 lacs as salary bonuses to professionals with a degree
The Portuguese government officially announced a salary bonus on December 28 for professionals with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Portugal will pay 1.4 lacs as salary bonuses to professionals. The government highlights that this support is dedicated to those under Category A and B.
January 5, 2024
Digital Schengen Visas: France’s Game-Changing Move for the Paris Olympics!
France made its visa processes online and will issue around 70,000 visas to applicants for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024. The new system has commenced on January 1, 2024, through the France-Visas portal. Individuals will be issued with visas directly integrated into accreditation cards. Officials and athletes can attend the event with their multiple entry visas.
January 4, 2024
7 Best cities of Europe for the highest quality of life in 2024
90% of EU residents have expressed their satisfaction with these 7 cities. They said these cities are better places to live for the highest quality of life in 2024. Switzerland and Germany dominate the top 7 list regarding people’s satisfaction reports.
January 3, 2024
1000s of Indian students and workers will move to Italy in 2024-25 as per the new bilateral agreement.
India signed the Migration and Mobility Agreement with Italy on 2 November 2023, which will allow Indian students and skilled workers to get temporary residence in Italy for 12 months. This agreement aims to strengthen the connections between India and Italy among students and skilled workers.
January 3, 2024
Top 7 Occupations in Demand in Sweden for 2024
Top in-demand occupations in Sweden are listed for the year 2024. There is a demand for foreign workers in Sweden because of labor shortages in many fields. Shortages of skilled workers are seen mostly in education, IT, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing. Around 106,565 job vacancies were recorded in Sweden in the second quarter of this year.
January 3, 2024
Finland reduces permanent residency application fee from 1st Jan 2024
From January 1st, 2024, Finland has aimed to reduce permanent residency application fees for online applications. The new changes apply only to online applications. The Finland authority specifies that online submission is cheaper and faster than filling out paper applications. This encourages online submission, which increases efficiency and cost savings.
January 2, 2024
Top 9 Jobs in demand in Estonia to get EU work visa easily in 2024
Estonia needs more foreign workers as there are vacancies open. You can get a work visa easily in Estonia due to vacancies in several fields. Estonia has a high rate of approval for work visa applications. Healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing are a few industries in high demand in Estonia.
January 2, 2024
Germany issues record-breaking 121,000 family visas
Since January until November 2023, Germany has issued a record-breaking 121,000 family visas. Those who have entered Germany through the family reunification visa can work in Germany. Family members applying for a family reunification visa should hold a valid passport and not be committed to any crimes.
December 30, 2023
Amsterdam to charge highest tourist tax in EU from 2024
Amsterdam is aiming to increase the tourist taxes in 2024 by 12.5% because the country is expecting around 20 million visitors. This has been the highest tax in the European Union. Amsterdam’s Deputy Mayor Buren said that we have doubled our efforts to keep the city clean.
December 30, 2023
Greece to issue 30,000 residence and work permits under new law
Greece’s parliament has approved a new law for undocumented migrants in which around 30,000 residence and work permits will be issued in 2024. The new law benefits migrants from Albania, Georgia, and the Philippines. The work permit issued provides a three-year residency tied to existing job offers.
December 22, 2023
Settle and work anywhere in Europe with an EU resident permit.
European countries are facing severe shortages of foreign talent; therefore, Companies are looking for the right talents to advance growth and innovation. The European Union Parliament made a few sets of rules for foreigners to obtain a single EU residence permit to work and settle anywhere in Europe.
Settle and work anywhere in Europe with an EU resident permit.
December 18, 2023
30 Million Visas Issued by France, leading to No.1 Spot in EU
According to a recent report released by SchengenVisaInfo, France stands in the No.1 position by surpassing all other countries in issuing 30 million Schengen visas. In the Initial year, Germany overtook France by providing 80,000 more visas. Germany led the visa issuance for some period of time but France consistently proved by standing in the top 10 position since 2009.
30 Million Visas Issued by France, leading to No.1 Spot in EU
December 14, 2023

Portugal’s New Year reservations break all records
Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister said Australia will now process high earners visa within a week to help employers and reduce the risk. Bookings for the new year in Portugal by Tourists are predicted to break all previous records. According to INE data, 42.8 million Overnight stays have been registered in Portugal this year.
Portugal’s New Year reservations break all records
December 13, 2023
The 5 New UK Visas for Working Professionals. Are you Eligible?
The United Kingdom has been one of the top destinations for immigrants apart from the United States. UK has introduced new visas like the UK Expansion Worker, Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visit, Innovator Founder Visa, and Global Talent visa to benefit entrepreneurs, professionals, and experts moving to the UK.
5 New UK Visas for Working Professionals. Are you Eligible?
December 08, 2023
UK increases salary requirement to £38,700 for foreign workers from spring 2024. Apply now!
The UK government has aimed to decrease the net annual immigration by increasing the salary requirement to £38,700 for foreign workers applying for UK work visas. In the coming years, the UK government has aimed to decrease net annual immigration by 300,000 in coming years..
UK increases salary requirement to £38,700 for foreign workers from spring 2024. Apply now!
December 04, 2023
253,000 Indians migrated to the UK in 2023
Indian immigration to the UK has seen a notable increase in number, accounting for a total of 253,000 migrants in 2023. According to the data, the annual net migration to the UK has increased from 607,000 to 672,000 in the same year. Most numbers of the student, skilled workers, and health and care workers have been issued to Indian nationals.
253,000 Indians migrated to the UK in 2023, you could be next!
November 24, 2023
Indians claim the No.1 spot across UK Skilled Worker, Medical, and Student Visas  
The recent immigration statistic released on Thursday shows that the number of Indians applying for skilled worker visas and healthcare visas has increased over the past year. The net migration to the UK is 672,000 for the last 12 months. 
Indians claim No.1 spot across UK Skilled Worker, Medical, and Student Visas  
November 24, 2023
UK immigration skyrockets: 672,000 migrants set a new record in 2023
The recent UK immigration statistic that was released shows that the net migration to the UK is 672,000 for the last 12 months. This is because of the workforce shortages in some industries. This has set a new record in 2023. Prime Minister of the UK, Rishi Sunak, has promised to reduce the number of illegal immigrants. 
UK immigration skyrockets: 672,000 migrants set a new record in 2023
November 23, 2023
Why do 150,000 Indian students choose UK for study?
The UK has become the most in-demand destination for Indian students. The UK government aims to help students from other countries by providing affordable education and also by introducing a Graduate Route visa that allows students to stay in the UK for 2 years after their degree. There is an increase of 54% in the number of Indian students going to study in the UK.
Why do 150,000 Indian students choose UK for study?
November 23, 2023
100 New Scholarships for Indian Students by College of London
University College of London, one of the leading Universities in the UK, has decided to support 100 Indian students with scholarships. The Indian students who have a good academic record are eligible for this scholarship. The students who are given scholarships are eligible for full-time Degrees at London University. 
100 New Scholarships for Indian Students by College of London
November 22, 2023
UK to increase minimum wages for foreign workers to £33,000 per annum
The UK government plans to increase the minimum wage for foreign workers to £33,000 per annum. The plan is expected to be implemented officially this week. Currently, the minimum salary of foreign workers in the UK is £ 26,000.
UK to increase minimum wages for foreign workers to £33,000 per annum
November 20, 2023
7 professions that help you to bag a UK work visa
There are high chances of getting a work visa in the UK because of the high demand for professions. According to the UK government’s data for 2022, Indians received the highest number of work visas. The professions in high demand in the UK are healthcare, engineering, technology, education, finance, marketing, and business sectors.
7 professions that helps you to bag UK work visa
November 16, 2023
UK Released 2023 Global University List for HPI Visas. Apply now to work in the UK!
The HPI Visa Global Universities List of 2023 was announced on November 1st, 2023. Candidates who graduate from top universities desire to get employment opportunities in the UK. The UK introduced HPI visa to serve this demand of employment. This visa does not take you directly to settlement in the UK; it provides an opportunity to change to another immigration route that will lead to settlement. 
UK Released 2023 Global University List for HPI Visas. Apply now to work in the UK!
November 09, 2023
QS World University Rankings 2024: The UK, US, Singapore, and Switzerland dominate the top 10
The 2024 QS World University Rankings for Asia have been announced by the esteemed worldwide higher education experts. Top universities from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and Singapore have been listed. These universities are ranked according to a number of factors, such as internationalisation, teaching resources, research capacity, and worldwide reputation.
QS World University Rankings 2024: The UK, US, Singapore, and Switzerland dominate the top 10
November 8th, 2023

UK plans to increase immigration health fees from January 2024. Submit your applications now!
The UK government has planned to increase the immigration health fee, which will be effective from January 2024. These changes in immigration are set to take effect from 16th January or 21 days after receiving the acceptance from parliament. There will not be any additional charges applied for applicants who are submitting before the implementation of this change. The fee is to increase from £624 to £1,035 per year.

UK plans to increase immigration health fees from January 2024. Submit your applications now!
August 29, 2023
‘1.2 million UK visas issued in the first 6 months of 2023’, Home Office reports
157% increase in no. of visas issued compared to the previous year. The UK government issued a record number of UK work visas from Jan to June 2023, as employers scrambled to recruit from overseas to fill the workforce shortage. According to data from the Home Office, there was a 45% increase in the number of visas issued for migrants to work in the UK, with a total of 321,000 visas issued.
August 18, 2023
Breaking news! You can now apply for your UK visa from your nearest hotel.
VFS Global has partnered with the Radisson Hotel Group & the Indian Hotels Company that Tata owns to promote a seamless application process.
August 16, 2023
Ireland issued 18,000+ work permits in the first seven months of 2023
Ireland has issued 18,000+ work permits in the first half of 2023. Indians received 6,868 employment permits in various industries.
July 28, 2023
Act Fast: Secure your UK visa before 2024 fee spike!
The UK Government plans to implement a 15% hike in the work visa and visit visa charges by 2024. Experts advise candidates with prior job contracts or individuals who have ongoing discussions with UK-based employers to work on finalizing the deal to escape the high fee charges. The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) that is to be paid by immigrants will also rise from £624 to £1,035 for adults and £470 to £776 for children.
July 26, 2023
UK calling Indian young professionals: Apply now for 3000 places in the second ballot of the Young Professionals Scheme
The UK government has declared the commencement of the second ballot for the Young Professional Scheme visa, exclusively available to Indian citizens aged between 18 and 30 years. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to stay in the UK for a maximum of two years. This program grants participants the flexibility to enter and exit the UK multiple times during their stay. At the same time, there are 3,000 places available in the second ballot. A significant number had already been allocated during the initial round in February. Don’t miss this chance to apply and explore exciting opportunities in the UK!
July 21, 2023
Canada-UK Youth Mobility agreement expands 3 years stay. Apply now!
Canada and the United Kingdom have strengthened their youth mobility partnership with a deal that expands the opportunities under the International Experience Canada Program (IEC). Youth aged 18 to 35 from both countries will now have broader access to work in each other’s countries for longer periods. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser emphasized the UK’s popularity as a destination for Canadian youth working and traveling abroad and vice versa.
June 23, 2023
Australia/UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA) for Subclass 417 Visa and Youth Mobility Scheme
Effective 1 July 2023, the UK nationals can apply for a subclass 417 (Working Holiday) visa. Candidates between18 and 35 years old, are eligible to apply. There is an increase from the previous upper limit of 30 years old.

June 01, 2023
UK International Relocation Payment for Teaching Staff
The UK government announced Rs. 1 million under the pilot scheme in the FY 2023-24. It aims to bring more overseas teaching staff into the country. This includes:
May 26, 2023
India ranks #1 in UK’s Skilled Worker and Student Visas 
Indian nationals have emerged as the top nationality of student visas and skilled workers in the United Kingdom, according to immigration records released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the UK Home Office. The data reveals that Indians accounted for the highest number of visas issued in various categories, including healthcare visas and the new Graduate post-study work route. 
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