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Looking to study in the US? These colleges and universities offer a range of financial support to their students to help with tuition fees and living costs
Financial aid is when an institution provides a sum of money to its students to help pay for their time at university. It can cover a rage of things including tuition fees, accommodation, travel costs, books and living costs.
Financial aid is similar to scholarships in that it provides funding for students so that they can study at university. However, financial aid will usually be calculated based on a student’s financial circumstances whereas scholarships are usually awarded to students based on their academic achievements or the subjects they are studying. 
However, both are great ways for students to be able to apply for help with finances when studying abroad. And this is particularly useful for students looking to study in the US as it is one of the most expensive countries in the world to study in. 
Financial aid also differs from loans or grants as students are usually not required to pay back the money. 
Most financial aid packages will be calculated when the student is applying to the university and students will often have to provide evidence of their family income and savings in order to prove that they need the support. 
Most universities in the US will offer some kind of financial aid, in one form or another, so it is always worth checking out what they offer when you apply. 
Domestic students can apply for federal loans through FAFSA or they can apply through their university’s financial aid programmes. International students are not eligible to complete the FAFSA forms, but they are eligible to apply to universities’ financial aid programmes or they can fill out an ISAFA form which many universities use to determine how much financial aid a student is entitled to. 
These are some of the universities that offer generous financial aid packages for both domestic and international students: 
Since 2005, Harvard College has awarded almost $2.9 billion in financial aid to its students. 
To apply for financial aid you need to submit a CSS Profile and an IDOC Packet. 
Yale University offers financial aid to its students based on their demonstrated financial need.  
The university provides detailed information and resources on affordability through its Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid.  
Princeton University offers financial aid for all students including international students. 
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers financial aid for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 
For detailed information, visit the MIT Student Financial Services (SFS) website
Dartmouth College has no income cut-off point when calculating financial aid for prospective students. 
Students can use the net price calculator to estimate the cost of attending Dartmouth.  
Amherst College offers financial aid for international and domestic students. 
Students can use the financial aid calculators to input their financial information to get an idea of what their financial aid award may look like.  
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Carleton College offers a comprehensive financial aid programme to support students from various socio-economic backgrounds.  
Rice University offers a financial aid package to incoming first-year students. 
The University of Miami calculates financial aid individually for each student based on their household financial situation. 
The Office of Undergraduate Financial Assistance and Employment at the University of Miami can supply further information and aid on financial matters. 
Washington and Lee University works to meet 100 per cent of every admitted student’s proven financial need through grants, scholarships and campus work opportunities, so students don’t need to apply for student loans. 
To get a clearer picture of college expenses, local students can use the MyinTuition cost calculator or the student net price calculator while international students can use the International Estimate calculator. 
All of these figures are based on each university website as of July 2023 and may be subject to change. 
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